Black coat

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I love the days when we are all together, talking together. Take a walk in the sun, quiet, calm around. At this time we can stop for a while, stop running through life. It is a pity that this time so quickly escapes.
Recently bought the Gabrysi new stroller, which is great in the difficult terrain. We tested it on the road with bumps and tell you that it is really good. The best in this trolley is the folding of the whole and the ability to put the whole into the car trunk. We women, mothers need functional things to be able to fast and simple things.

Finally I feel spring, finally showed up in my city. It is not as warm as I would like, but the sun is a good start. In my garden, crocuses blossomed, everything starts to wake up.
Despite the fact that I am slowly beginning to green, I still dress in black. Finally, it is warm enough that I can dress my favorite black coat . I don't feel as heavy anymore as in the winter it is assumed that these warm and thick jackets ;)
I would like it to be warm for longer because, I want to walk for long walks with my daughter.

When the weekend ends, I'm a little sad because a new routine starts, and I'm looking forward to the next one. Kisses for everyone.

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Pozdrawiam Maya :*